by Nights on Venus

Released 2015
Excellent Sky
Released 2015
Excellent Sky
The 2nd of 2 EPs released by Nights on Venus/Craig in 2015, this 6-song collection continues in the vein of ethereal, atmospheric pop/rock instrumentals that NoV is known for with more of a rock edge.
Official release date 30 December 2015
Produced and Engineered by Craig C. Thomas
Recorded and Mixed at the 'Cave Recording Studio, Golden, Colorado, August - November, 2015
Nights on Venus is: Craig "Professor" Thomas - keyboards, guitars, bass and programming

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering, Huntington Beach, California

Cover photo and design by CCT
All songs written by Craig C. Thomas
© 2015 Excellent Sky Records / Nights on Venus Music / Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.

The 2nd of 2 EPs released by Nights on Venus/Craig in 2015, "Unearthly" is quite a bit different than its predecessor, "Santos" - with its spiritual, quasi-religious overtones - released in July. Sonically, it's slightly more electronic, slightly more trip-hop, slightly more rock with a harder edge overall (check out "Lightning Trees") with an underlying/unifying theme. "Past the Tipping Point" references to (abrupt) climate change - as our earth, our home - the only one all of us will ever know - becomes more and more surreal and "Unearthly".


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Nights on Venus News

Hello and welcome to the official site for Nights on Venus. Here you can find the latest news on what I'm up to these days, updated on a weekly basis. 

5/12/2019: Well, not quite on a weekly basis... We're into May now. Happy Mother's Day!... and hope everyone is having a great Sunday and weekend.

New song up on SoundCloud, the mastered demo for "Moon of the Bird" which features the Novachord virtual synth and "Lina", the new guitar - a Backlund Katalina. Much more electronic, as is the entire album in progress. But "Moon of the Bird"... what does that mean?

The story of how this song came to be titled goes back to a Saturday afternoon in the legendary Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen and a flyer that was stapled on one of the wooden posts in there. Erin (Shmoopy) said something about the band flyer, "what is that?... moon of the bird?" and I leaned in and looked at it closely and said, "Oh, it's Wounded Bird", but the title stuck 'cause we both thought it was kind of funny. No, we were not smoking anything beforehand. So here you go... this one's for you Wounded Bird, whoever you are.

Currently I'm working on my upcoming 6th full-length album, "Late Night Meditations In/On Suburbia", which is slated for release later this year. I'm shooting for November.

On the home page you'll find the SoundCloud player with excerpts and mastered demos of some of the completed songs that will be on the album as it starts coming together. 

The playlist above is powered by CD Baby as is the Music page and you can find all of Nights on Venus' music there, available for download. Along with other online music sources, such as Apple iTunes and Amazon MP3, and Bandcamp. Streaming as well... (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music).

This playlist features 16 songs from NoV which serve as a good introduction to my music - a sort of "greatest hits" compilation so to speak... so far.

And hey, thanks for stopping by!