We Are All Haunted by Something

Nights on Venus

The 5th full-length album from NoV is again all instrumental, part chill-out, more electronic, some uptempo, and arguably the most melodic and musically diverse NoV album recorded to date. Includes the cover of David Bowie's "Speed of Life".

Official release date 23 July 2017 Produced and Engineered by Craig Carrington Thomas Recorded and Mixed at the 'Cave Recording Studio, Golden, Colorado, April, 2016 - June, 2017 Nights on Venus is: Craig Carrington Thomas - keyboards, guitars, bass and programming

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering, Huntington Beach, California, July, 2017

Cover photo and design by CCT, night sky background with permission from Justin Marsh All songs written by Craig Carrington Thomas, except "Speed of Life", written by David Bowie, Published by Tintoretto Music and Screen Gems-EMI Music © 1977
© 2017 Excellent Sky Records / Nights on Venus Music / Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.

I think what we are most haunted by – even more so than our eventual demise in the physical – is time. Our perceptions of it, through the passage of time and we speak of its ravages (on the physical form), or when we feel like there’s never enough of it or alternately when we have too much of it on our hands. This is a "concept" album in that sense.

“There Is Only Now” was the first song I recorded for what would become this album. Shortly after that, Prince died on April 21st, 2016. I had no idea then that his death would have such an effect on me. It literally threw me, my thoughts, back in time to the summer of 1984 and a very intense experience for which his classic album “Purple Rain” would become the soundtrack. That was completely unexpected. Much of the new album was written and recorded during the time last year when I was revisiting a lot of memories and specific events from that summer 32, now 33, years ago now (e.g., “Ghost Towns of the 1980s”).

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