Nights on Venus

The 2nd of 2 EPs released by Nights on Venus/Craig in 2015, this 6-song collection continues in the vein of ethereal, atmospheric pop/rock instrumentals that NoV is known for with more of a rock edge.

Official release date 30 December 2015 Produced and Engineered by Craig C. Thomas Recorded and Mixed at the 'Cave Recording Studio, Golden, Colorado, August - November, 2015 Nights on Venus is: Craig "Professor" Thomas - keyboards, guitars, bass and programming

Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering, Huntington Beach, California

Cover photo and design by CCT All songs written by Craig C. Thomas © 2015 Excellent Sky Records / Nights on Venus Music / Craig C. Thomas. All rights reserved.

The 2nd of 2 EPs released by Nights on Venus/Craig in 2015, "Unearthly" is quite a bit different than its predecessor, "Santos" - with its spiritual, quasi-religious overtones - released in July. Sonically, it's slightly more electronic, slightly more trip-hop, slightly more rock with a harder edge overall (check out "Lightning Trees") with an underlying/unifying theme. "Past the Tipping Point" references to (abrupt) climate change - as our earth, our home - the only one all of us will ever know - becomes more and more surreal and "Unearthly".

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