Day 9…


I didn’t write the last couple of days. Just too busy. It’s 10:20 Tuesday morning… I’m packing boxes – books, CDs, records; I’ve been doing this since Saturday afternoon. Getting the bookcases cleared out. I bought 20 boxes on Saturday and I just packed my 16th. Obviously, I will have to go back and buy more.

…Guitars are in their cases now and I’m finally throwing away the old laptop that died the first month we moved in here. I’ve put my e-signature on the lease for the new apartment and Shmoopy got the movers booked – they finally called back. They were the movers who moved us into and out of the townhome, Fastwind, and I’m glad she got them again. They send three people on their moves so it gets done quicker. $150/hour… flat rate. No hidden bullshit.

Eating soup for lunch now at 1:45 and I’m going to place an order at King Soopers online. Need to get a delivery scheduled for the weekend – it’s only Tuesday… they book up quick.

Shmoopy’s taking a nap now; Maxx and Cosmo are being pretty mellow. I’ve only been outside once today and that was to take out the trash. The craziest thing in all of this is that I’ve lost 7.6 lbs. since I last went to the gym on March 8, a month ago; I’m now at 184.3 lbs. as of this morning.

“Untitled No. 3″ (1989) – Craig C. Thomas, Oil and wax on canvas; 72″ x 81”, Private collection.

I’m looking at my large painting on the wall, “Untitled No. 3″ from 1989, and I’m realizing I’m gonna have to walk this thing, all 6′ x 6’9” of it, up the hill to the new apartment. Hope it’s not windy. As the randomness of everything right now would have it, we move into the new apartment on the 25th, we pick up the keys, which is also the day transiting Pluto goes stationary retrograde. Great. Fastwind is scheduled for Monday, the 27th at 9:00, and they will be starting by moving the bed because Shmoopy has to get into the new place and stay there on the bed. Basically, I will have the night of the 25th and all day Sunday to scope out where I think everything should go. I can do that.

Also in effect astrologically that weekend, I have transiting Neptune conjuncting the Moon, opposite Jupiter, sextile the Ascendant; transiting Uranus square its own natal position within 15 minutes of arc of exact. Nothing going on with transiting Saturn or Jupiter – that’s good; transiting Moon is moving through Gemini obviously stirring up my Pisces-Virgo stuff in a T-square. Watch emotional volatility. Like every day now.

…My studio has been filling up with boxes. Cosmo has been wanting to come in here but I haven’t been letting him in because the boxes are just too upsetting for kitties to see; I know Maxx knows what this means, so I’m keeping a tight lid on it. We have a full Moon tonight, Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra, 12th house-6th house… health concerns and work. No kidding. Shmoopy went to bed about half-an-hour ago; I’m alone with my thoughts. I need to be reflective here; this is a need that I have. When I don’t have time to think leisurely by myself I start getting weird and I’m “weird” already. News comes today that John Prine, the singer/songwriter (“Angel from Montgomery”) died today from complications due to the coronavirus, Covid-19. This is very sad news, and many are dying needlessly because of goddamn motherfucking Trump and his spineless, reprehensible enablers.

It’s been kind of a depressing day, but then most days now have a depressing quality built into them. But just could not shake it. That’s what is different now – usually I can shake it at some point during any given day, but not now. I asked Shmoopy last night if some people she sees feel this stressed out every day and she said they did. I said, “then I feel really badly for them.” OK, that’s empathy, that’s being an empath. I’m not used to feeling this stressed and it’s not a good feeling. Right now though, I feel as calm as I have all day.

I’m getting stuff done, handling things, Shmoopy will heal completely and the move will get done – we’ll get out in front of it and even though it will be somewhat stressful, it will get done with the least amount of stress possible. This is Day 9, post-surgery btw.

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